Reminder About Audio and Video Evidence

Image of a hand holding a DVDAF does not currently accept audio or video files via direct upload or links to external Web sites like YouTube as evidence (evidence containing embedded audio and video is rejected by our system).

AF, as well as our member companies whose arbitrators hear cases remotely, prohibits access to external links as part of its IT security policy to prevent the spread of viruses, malware, etc.

If a party wishes to have video evidence viewed by the arbitrator, it must:

1. Select "Yes" to the Personal Rep at Hearing query on the Incident Info page.

Administrative Request Screen

2. Declare/list the video as evidence.

Evidence Selection Screen

AF will contact the member representative, using the representative's email address included in the filing, to schedule a videoconference with the arbitrator to view the declared evidence. If a different representative will present the video or a different email should be used for this contact, note the correct contact email address in the Administrative Request section.

In the event a member is unable to participate or share evidence via videoconferencing, AF will make arrangements with the member to provide the evidence to be viewed by an arbitrator, or the member may present the video evidence in person and must arrange for equipment to be available to present the evidence to the arbitrator.

In the case of audio evidence (such as recorded statements), AF requires the written transcript of the recording be declared and provided as evidence for the arbitrator to view.

Article published in: June 2016 E-Bulletin