June 2016 E-Bulletin

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. Reminder About Audio and Video Evidence
  2. Hurricane Preparedness and Disaster Recovery at AF
  3. Training Opportunities
  4. Member Testimonials

Reminder About Audio and Video Evidence

Image of a hand holding a DVDAF does not currently accept audio or video files via direct upload or links to external Web sites like YouTube as evidence (evidence containing embedded audio and video is rejected by our system).

AF, as well as our member companies whose arbitrators hear cases remotely, prohibits access to external links as part of its IT security policy to prevent the spread of viruses, malware, etc.

If a party wishes to have video evidence viewed by the arbitrator, it must:

1. Select "Yes" to the Personal Rep at Hearing query on the Incident Info page.

Administrative Request Screen

2. Declare/list the video as evidence.

Evidence Selection Screen

AF will contact the member representative, using the representative's email address included in the filing, to schedule a videoconference with the arbitrator to view the declared evidence. If a different representative will present the video or a different email should be used for this contact, note the correct contact email address in the Administrative Request section.

In the event a member is unable to participate or share evidence via videoconferencing, AF will make arrangements with the member to provide the evidence to be viewed by an arbitrator, or the member may present the video evidence in person and must arrange for equipment to be available to present the evidence to the arbitrator.

In the case of audio evidence (such as recorded statements), AF requires the written transcript of the recording be declared and provided as evidence for the arbitrator to view.

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Hurricane Preparedness and Disaster Recovery at AF

Radar image of a hurricaneJune 1 marked the beginning of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season. While we hope it is an uneventful season, we want to assure our membership that AF has a business continuity plan in place to ensure our subrogation recovery and resolution services, E-Subro Hub and Online Filing (OLF) will remain functional.

AF is prepared to transition services, resources, and systems to alternate locations if needed. The data centers housing AF systems are equipped with redundant, critical facility components such as backup power and cooling systems, and systems may be transferred to a data center in another state if necessary. Remote call center support teams are also available to assist members.

Our mission is to effectively and efficiently serve our members' recovery and resolution needs, even in the event of a disaster.

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Training Opportunities

Training and DevelopmentWhether you are filing for the first time or want a refresher course, these interactive, instructor-led Webinars offer valuable information on filing and responding to claims. Sign up today on the AF Web site!

Key Arbitration Rules and Terms
July 22, 2 PM EST

Upon completion of this Webinar, learners will be able to better explain and apply the key rules and terms of AF's intercompany arbitration programs.

Writing Effective Contentions (Filing Company)
July 21, 11 AM EST

Develop the skills you need to prepare an effective case by learning how to write an introductory statement, body, and closing statement, and discover how to use the "linking" technique to support each allegation with specific evidence. An activity is included to provide learners with the opportunity to apply the content discussed.

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Member Testimonials

TestimonialsWe recently received the following member testimonials regarding decision quality:

"The arbitrator gave a thorough explanation, which I like. That's all I can ask. It's clear she reviewed the whole case."

"The arbitrator appears to have taken into account all the evidence that was submitted and gives clear reasoning why he came to the decision he did."

"I think there was consideration of the law, the lack of proof, and the damage issues, so I think it was very thoroughly thought out."

Our member arbitrators continue to render quality decisions that address all arguments and provide a detailed analysis of the evidence to explain their rationale.

AF sincerely appreciates our member arbitrators' efforts in helping AF provide effective and efficient products and services to our membership. AF is also thankful to our members for taking the time to provide feedback and recognize these efforts.

Do you have feedback you'd like to share with us? Let us know at memberfeedback@arbfile.org.

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