E-Subro Hub Reduces Subrogation Costs and Increases Productivity

E-Subro Hub logoIn 2015, members issued 1.5 million demands worth $6.8 billion through E-Subro Hub. It is the insurance industry standard for sending and receiving subrogation demands.

With an easy-to-use interface, this Web-based system enables online communication and negotiation, eliminating costly subrogation-related printing, copying, mailing, and scanning expenses on outbound and inbound demands.

Benefits of E-Subro Hub

  • Reduces recovery cycle times up to 40%.
  • When necessary, subrogation demands may be moved into arbitration with a click of a button.
  • Includes Third Party Administrator (TPA) functionality.
  • Includes Team Management functionality, so member supervisors may manage their team's productivity more efficiently.

Best of all, it's available to members at NO COST! There are no start-up or transactional fees.

If your company isn't already realizing the great benefits that E-Subro Hub offers, please visit our E-Subro Hub page or call us at 1-866-ESUBRO1 (378-2761) to get started today!

Article published in: February 2016 E-Bulletin