February 2016 E-Bulletin

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. Preparing an Effective Case
  2. E-Subro Hub Reduces Subrogation Costs and Increases Productivity
  3. Tutorials Available at NO COST
  4. Improving the Member Experience

Preparing an Effective Case

A successful arbitration submission MUST prove or rebut two things: negligence on the part of the adverse party and the insured's incurred damages.

To help prove your negligence position, make sure your contentions address the four elements of liability:

Duty Owed — This is a reasonable, and often legal, expectation of care. Examples include, but are not limited to, obeying a posted speed limit, heeding a caution sign, or yielding of a proper right of way.

Duty Breached — Breaking an expected covenant, failing to meet the Duty Owed, causing another party to incur damages or a loss.

Proximate Cause — Causing a result; the direct or immediate cause of a loss or damages incurred by another. The actions of one resulting in the loss by another. The adverse party's negligence (or breach of the Duty Owed) was the direct cause of the loss being sustained.

Proof of Damages — Verification of the amount of money paid as compensation for injury or loss. This should also include the evidence of impairment of the usefulness or value of property. In proving that damages (or a loss) were incurred by your insured, the following items are recommended:

Repair Estimate PaperRepair Estimate — This is a document that tells a story. It verifies that what you are seeking recovery for is accurate.

Supplemental Receipts — Related expenses other than the physical damages, i.e., towing expenses, rental car reimbursements, etc.

Photos — Be certain vehicle photos clearly show the damages sustained.

Medical Bills and Records — Like an auto estimate, these documents verify what has been paid and that the amount you seek to recover is accurate and the result of the underlying accident.

Make sure your evidence supports your contentions. Be clear, concise, and consistent.

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E-Subro Hub Reduces Subrogation Costs and Increases Productivity

E-Subro Hub logoIn 2015, members issued 1.5 million demands worth $6.8 billion through E-Subro Hub. It is the insurance industry standard for sending and receiving subrogation demands.

With an easy-to-use interface, this Web-based system enables online communication and negotiation, eliminating costly subrogation-related printing, copying, mailing, and scanning expenses on outbound and inbound demands.

Benefits of E-Subro Hub

  • Reduces recovery cycle times up to 40%.
  • When necessary, subrogation demands may be moved into arbitration with a click of a button.
  • Includes Third Party Administrator (TPA) functionality.
  • Includes Team Management functionality, so member supervisors may manage their team's productivity more efficiently.

Best of all, it's available to members at NO COST! There are no start-up or transactional fees.

If your company isn't already realizing the great benefits that E-Subro Hub offers, please visit our E-Subro Hub page or call us at 1-866-ESUBRO1 (378-2761) to get started today!

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Tutorials Available at NO COST

TutorialsDid you know that AF offers online video training tutorials for members at NO COST?

These tutorials are self-paced, so you can pause and rewind sections at your convenience. Each one provides members meaningful and relevant training on the various intercompany arbitration forums and processes to ensure your success and satisfaction.

See the tutorials currently available.

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Improving the Member Experience

FeedbackOur member arbitrators continue to render quality decisions that address all arguments and provide a detailed analysis of the evidence to explain their rationale.

The following member testimonials were recently received:

"I think the arbitrator did a nice job explaining the thought process behind the decision."

"I thought the arbitrator listened thoughtfully to both sides. It was well-written. Her decision was logical."

"I think it's a good system. What's nice is both sides put in their evidence; it's reviewed; and you get a decision. It's easy. It's clean. It's efficient."

AF sincerely appreciates our member arbitrators' efforts in helping AF provide effective and efficient products and services to our membership. AF is also thankful to our members for taking the time to provide feedback and recognize these efforts.

Do you have feedback you'd like to share with us? Let us know at memberfeedback@arbfile.org.

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