Evidence Considerations: Vehicle Photographs and Descriptions

Part 4 of the Evidence Considerations Series

Image of a man taking a photo of car damageVehicle photographs and detailed descriptions of the location and nature of the damages could be crucial in proving your liability position. Photographs should include both close-up views as well as views that provide an overall perspective of the damages. It may be difficult to determine what one is viewing if all of the photographs are too close, too distant, or unlabeled.

Even if your insured does not have collision coverage and an inspection of his or her vehicle may not be necessary, you may wish to inspect and photograph the vehicle in order to gather important evidence concerning impact points, location of damages, lack of damages, etc. It is also helpful to have a large measuring device visible in the photographs to illustrate the height of the damages, which may come into play if the adverse party is contending the damages are unrelated to the loss at hand.

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Article published in: January 2015 E-Bulletin