Latest News about TRS

Updates to AF's Arbitration Rules Effective August 1
May 12, 2020
AF's member council and Board of Directors approved the following updates to the Arbitration Rules. They will be effective for cases filed on and after August 1, 2020.

Considerations Regarding the Statute of Limitations when Filing Cases in TRS
May 12, 2020
Sometimes, a filer may wish to file a case and immediately defer it (e.g., if the statute of limitations for recovery is approaching and the reason for filing is to toll the statute). Basic information to notify the responder is all that is needed for the initial filing; full liability and/or damages arguments are not necessary.

Tips for Filing or Responding in TRS
April 14, 2020
To support you as you work in TRS, we are sharing some tips for filers and responders. Please consider these tips the next time you file or respond in TRS...

A Look Ahead

  • Image of four puzzles piecesPIP and MedPay arbitration programs will transition to the upgraded technology in 2020.
  • All remaining arbitration programs will be upgraded to the TRS platform by the end of 2021.