Workshop Webinars for Filers and Responders – June 2023

AF recently facilitated its latest filer and responder workshop webinars on June 21 and 22, with 106 attendees from 31 companies. The purpose of these 30-minute workshops is to drive decision quality by:
  • Sharing information to improve filing and responding effectiveness.
  • Answering questions attendees have regarding filing and responding to cases.
The following are key takeaways from the June workshop.

Auto Arbitration
  • All supports for damages must be attached to the Feature Damage section when the filing is initially submitted. If not, and the dispute is raised by the responder, no award will be given.
Supplemental Filings
  • An original filing might not toll the statute of limitations for a supplemental filing. If the jurisdictional exclusion is asserted, the parties will need to support their position for the loss state.
  • Only include supplemental damages paid on or after the initial filing was submitted.
  • Do not include a prior arbitration award payment as a prior payment; any prior payment noted in the supplemental filing is to pertain to the supplemental damages.
Jurisdictional Exclusion Revisits
  • A rebuttal to a jurisdictional exclusion must be entered in a revisit. Rebuttal arguments entered in the liability arguments will not be viewable when the arbitrator considers and rules on the exclusion.
  • Provide as much detail and evidence as possible to justify your deferment request or support your challenge. The arbitrator does not see other parties involved, damage amount sought, liability or damages arguments, or evidence attached in other sections.
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