We’re Listening – E-Subro Hub Interface Improvements

On November 7, AF released interface updates to the E-Subro Hub Worklist page, aligning it with previously updated pages and introducing a more streamlined experience. This enhancement was the latest in a series of improvements to modernize the look and feel of E-Subro Hub.

Following each launch, we carefully examine feedback and determine ways we can improve your experience. A theme among the feedback involved requests to improve the visuals. We’re pleased to announce that we made improvements on November 7, 2022, that included:
  • Adjusting fonts and colors across the application to improve visibility
  • Anchoring the evidence menu to the action bar area to prevent the scroll bar from being blocked
  • Making the “Remittance Address” more prominent on the Demand Overview page
  • Displaying individual notification icons on the Demand Overview making it easy to determine what actions need to be taken on a demand. 
Future enhancements will include:
  • Relocating highly utilized actions from the “Overview” tab on the Demand Overview page to the “Quick Actions” area
  • Implementing a “dark” and “light” mode across the application
We highly value the sentiments of our membership. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping us improve E-Subro Hub to best suit our members’ needs.