URL Defense Blocking Access to Live Webinars

Having trouble joining a live webinar? You’re not alone. In today’s work-from-home environment, employers are diligently working to protect against malicious emails. As a result, some companies have installed special software to reduce cyber-attacks. One application called URL Defense is used to identify malicious links embedded in emails preventing them from being delivered to their final destination.

If you’ve attempted to log in to a live WebEx session and are blocked from access, chances are URL Defense is the culprit. 

Here’s what to look for.

Carefully review the confirmation email, paying close attention to the access link provided.

If URLdefense.com/v3/ is embedded into the link, it will appear as seen below and may deny access to WebEx, preventing you from attending a webinar.

If this happens, please contact your Information Technology (IT) department for resolution.