Urgent - TPA Action Items Requested Before October 1

We have received questions following an email that was sent August 5, 2019, regarding Third-Party Administrator (TPA) privileges, and wanted to provide clarification on the restricted and unrestricted actions leading up to the upgrade from Online Filing (OLF) to Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) on October 1.

Prior to October 1, Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) will assign privileges for the TRS system to all existing OLF users at your company. If a user currently has the ability to file and/or respond in OLF, the user will have equivalent privileges to perform those actions in TRS.

Action Items

Effective October 1, TPAs that file and/or respond on behalf of a member company in OLF will automatically be given restricted access in TRS. Restricted access is defined as access to cases that members specifically assign to the TPA from within TRS. There is no need to obtain new TPA Letters of Consent or designate permission/consent via email for restricted access. However, if a member company determines a TPA should have unrestricted access, a new TPA Letter of Consent with the appropriate box checked, or an email requesting access, is required.

To expedite requests, an email to (membership@arbfile.org) with the following criteria is now acceptable. The below information must be included in the email:

  • TPA name and code
  • Member name and code
  • Email signature with job position (must be from senior-level individual with authority to bind organization)
  • The following verbiage is suggested: Please allow TPA (name) to file as unrestricted on behalf of (member company).

TPA Privileges Table

For the most recent information regarding TPA privileges, please refer to the table below.

Action Restricted Unrestricted
Does a TPA need to be assigned to an existing TRS case by a member company? Yes No
Can a TPA begin a new case in TRS on behalf of a member company? Yes Yes
Does a TPA need to be assigned to the TRS case to respond on behalf of a member company? Yes No
Can a TPA assigned to an E-Subro demand push a demand from E-Subro Hub to arbitration into TRS and handle the case? Yes Yes

If you have any questions regarding TRS privileges or access, please contact the Member Service Center at 866-977-3434 or email TRSSupport@arbfile.org.