Upcoming TRS Enhancements and What We’ve Delivered Year to Date

Focused on innovation, AF is dedicated to bringing our membership the tools required to meet the needs of an evolving industry. We look forward to delivering the following recovery and resolution enhancements to you this year, which have been made possible by your feedback.
  • PIP and Med Pay Arbitration in Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) (Q4) – Introducing enhanced functionality to allow the filing of new PIP and Medical Payment coverages within Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®). Note: Does not include NY PIP
  • Admit Liability/100% Liability (Q4) – E-Subro Hub to TRS Admitted Liability Feature: Most arbitration cases are two-party cases for damage disputes only, yet both parties are still required to enter their liability arguments and attach their supporting evidence in TRS. We are introducing a new feature within the Counter Offer and Reduced Payment negotiation actions in E-Subro Hub that will allow the responder to indicate they are admitting 100% liability. In the event the demand proceeds to arbitration, the parties will bypass Liability Arguments and directly proceed to the Damages section of the filing; the 100% liability admission will carry over. Companies will have the ability to opt in to this new feature through a new company configuration option. This functionality will save time for our members by alleviating the need to enter liability arguments and evidence in support of the Liability Arguments.
  • Angular Upgrade (Q4) – Updating the UI platform to enhance the TRS experience.
  • Shared Evidence (Q4) – For Auto supplemental filings, evidence submitted by the parties to support or dispute the supplemental damages will be viewable by all parties in the case.
  • TRS Auto Metrics Visualization (Q3–Q4) – We are planning a phased launch of visualizations for TRS, with the initial release focused on the workflow for parties filing and responding. Users will be able to interact with the charts and see trends over time by seeing a year-to-year or month-to-month comparison of their activity. These charts will show industry averages for you to compare your activity to the industry. Second phased launch of the visualizations for TRS will focus on arbitrator metrics, recovery performance in decisions, amount owed based on decisions, loss date to feature submit date, and damage disputes heard versus responded. Where appropriate, these charts will show industry averages for you to compare your activity to the industry.  
Coming in Q1 and Q2 of 2021, we will be releasing TRS enhancements to provide users the opportunity to update certain aspects of their arbitration filings and responses after submission. The limited amendment functionality will be tailored to address member feedback requests without adversely affecting the enhanced cycle time benefit the TRS minimal-touch design provides. More information will be shared in the near future.

Additional details and training materials will be shared as we near the release dates. Each of these enhancements involves a unique layer of complexity, and our AF teams are working diligently to bring these to you in a timely fashion.

What We’ve Delivered Year to Date 

As we look ahead to these milestones, we also want to highlight the enhancements we’ve delivered to improve our members’ experience. 

TRS Ease of Use Functionality Enhancements 
  • Clarified language related to entering a liability deductible. 
  • Clarified expected input for policy limits exposure entries.
  • Display withdrawal reasons in the case activity log and worklist. 
  • Expanded timeframe for parties to join a case.
  • Occurrences are no longer discontinued when decision with liability is voided. 
  • Added warning if trying to add same party twice/duplicate.
  • Added remittance address and consent dispute resolution to case overview.
  • Display reason for case hold on case overview and worklist.
Expand Member Service Center Capabilities to Better Serve Members
  • Detach evidence placeholders to allow revisits to be submitted
  • Place an occurrence on hold 
Additional Notification Events
  • Notification when non-signatory consent is denied
  • Notification when non-signatory consent is disputed
  • Notification when consent disputed is resolved
TRS Reports
  • Numerous enhancements to existing reports
  • Revisit Activated for TPAs
  • Revisit Activated for members
As always, we appreciate your patience and continued support as we incorporate your valued feedback into our products and services. We take pride in delivering exceptional service to our members and look forward to releasing these enhancements later this year.
to meet the needs of an evolving industry.