TRS Self-Insured Filings

Self-Insured filers in OLF typically use the Affirmative Pleading section to provide their liability carrier’s information in the event the adverse party files a counterclaim for its damages. In TRS, the self-insured filer will see new fields to help gather that information.
  1. The self-insured filer will indicate, when applicable, that no liability policy was in effect. This means the self-insured did not provide a liability policy, not that one did not exist at all.
  2. The self-insured filer will then indicate if they know who does hold the liability policy or provide their liability coverage. 
    • If yes, then the liability carrier will be added. The liability carrier will only become a party if/when a counterclaim is filed.
    • If no, the self-insured filer will be asked to confirm its entry as this will disallow the adverse party from adding their own damages, i.e. counterclaim. The adverse party will need to submit a separate filing against the liability carrier once identified.
 Image of the counterclaim response assertions screen