TRS Quick Tip: Post-Decision Actions

For new TRS users, and as a reminder to experienced users, below are some post-decision actions that are taken within the TRS application and specific case. Both are found in the Case Overview under Decision Actions.
Screenshot of the Decision Actions options
Accept Policy Limits
Select Accept Policy Limits to accept the adverse parties’ policy limits post decision. This eliminates the need for the case to be heard again on this issue.

When accepting policy limits, you waive the right to recover the balance per Article Second (d). 

Post-Decision Inquiry
Select Create Post-Decision Inquiry within 30 days of the decision publication date if you believe a clerical or jurisdictional error was made by AF or the arbitrator (see Rule 4-2 and Definitions located in the Rules document), or, if you wish to assert no liability policy, denial of coverage, or policy limits (see Rule 3-9).
To learn more, view the TRS Resources page.

equest Award Payment
Select Unpaid Award when the award is not paid within 30 days of the decision publication date. You can send a second request if the payment remains unpaid for an additional 30 days. Prevailing parties can also adjust the amount owed if a partial payment was received and only a balance remains. 
Screenshot of the Award Payment reminder screen