TRS Entry Issues

The following issues generate a significant volume of post-decision inquiries that delay the resolution of the claim dispute. Please ensure appropriate entries when filing/responding to eliminate these issues.

Policy Limits
  1. Always enter Policy Limit information when filing/responding so the issue can be resolved by the arbitrator when the case is heard. Raising policy limits post-hearing only delays closure of the claim for all parties.
  2. The Add Exposure option is to be used for additional exposures seeking recovery. Do not include exposures included in the filing. For example, if Alpha is seeking $2,000 and you have a $5,000 policy limit, do not add Alpha’s $2,000 claim. It will be considered when the final award is calculated. The Add Exposure option would be used if a party not named in the filing is seeking recovery, i.e., a third vehicle that was damaged.
Screenshot of the add exposure screen

Prior Payments
  1. Enter prior payment information where provided and attach proof of cleared payment to ensure credit is applied. Prior payment information entered anywhere else may not be considered by the arbitrator.
  2. The responding party does not need to enter a payment if the filing party has already acknowledged it.
Screenshot of the payments screen