TRS Enhancement: Deferment History Section

On July 30, 2022, AF will introduce the Deferment History section to the Case Overview in TRS. Based on member feedback, this enhancement provides a section on the Case Overview that will track all deferment activity in one place. 

The Deferment History section will only appear on the Case Overview if there is a deferment history to display (if no deferment has been requested, the section will not appear). The section will include any deferment request, challenges, deferment challenge ruling made by the arbitrator(s), requests that are withdrawn, and deferments that have expired. 

For cases that have a deferment history associated to the case, a Deferment History section will appear under Incident Details. 
Screenshot of the Case Summary screen with the Deferment History section highlighted

Each deferment activity on the case will have its own line. By selecting the arrow on the right, users can reveal the date and time, the event, the requesting party, the reason for the request, and the justification. 
Screenshot of the Deferment History section