TRS Cycle Time Reduced!

Due to the significant efforts by our member companies to achieve their 1:1 heard-to-filed (HTF) ratio and AF staff arbitrators hearing more cases, we are pleased to announce that the average cycle time for cases filed in Online Filing (OLF) and Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) has been greatly reduced!

This collaborative effort exemplifies the core value of AF. When member companies maintain their commitment to one another, the industry benefits through improved intercompany relationships and timely resolution and recovery of arbitration cases.

With the significant reduction in cycle time, we want to reassure our members that decision quality also remains a top priority. Decisions are randomly reviewed to ensure our members receive high-quality decision explanations. 

We appreciate and recognize the efforts our member companies have taken to maintain their 1:1 HTF commitment as outlined in the Member Participation Policy and the additional time and dedication from our staff arbitrators to help make this achievement possible. 

For questions, please contact our Member Service Center at 866-977-3434 or