Thank You for Joining TRS

Thank you for your partnership and early adoption of the TRS platform. We appreciate your participation and feedback, which has positively contributed to its success. TRS users are currently enjoying the benefits of the upgraded platform, which includes improved decision quality, convenient arbitrator workflow, and enhanced cycle time, with decisions currently averaging 21.7 days from filing a submission. In the past two years, we have introduced new functionality including Video Evidence, 15-Day Extension, Third-Party Administrators, Collaborative Hearings, increased dollar threshold, and the elimination of the E-Subro Hub requirement, allowing all of our membership to participate. Along the way, we picked up some new E-Subro participants as well!

We are looking forward to October 1, 2019, when all automobile subrogation arbitration cases will be filed exclusively in TRS. In the interim, we continue to encourage your TRS users to utilize the upgraded platform as frequently as possible.

Reminder: All remaining OLF filers and responders at your company will be given comparable access in TRS, effective October 1, 2019. At this time, and in anticipation of the significant volume increase forthcoming, AF would like to offer your organization any additional support and/or training you might need. Please check our TRS page for recorded demos, job aids, and to sign up for informative webinars. In addition, AF will provide on-site support and training upon request!

If you have any questions regarding the TRS platform, please contact either your Field Arbitration Manager, the Member Service Center at 866-977-3434, or email