Thank You, Arbitrators!

The following is recent member feedback on decisions. Kudos for providing the high-quality decisions our membership values and appreciates.

This decision is exactly the kind of decision we were led to expect with TRS. Arbitrator Linda Capocy clearly documented her Decision, and she referenced all the embedded evidence in her Decision, and clearly indicated how each piece did or did not affect her Decision.

This decision is an excellent example of what we expected to get with TRS. Thank you.

Thank you, Arbitrator Linda Capocy!

I'd like to thank arbitrator Brittany Harris for her thoughtful and well-written Decision in this case. Cases in the contributory negligence states are often very difficult, and it seems like there are additional pitfalls when presenting these cases. In addition, there were special circumstances regarding the rental, and it seems that too often, special circumstances are not given the consideration that they should. Arbitrator Harris clearly explained the reasoning behind the decision, and noted haw she reviewed not only the basics of the case, but the special circumstances. That made reading the Decision very easy and self-explanatory.

Thank you, Arbitrator Brittany Harris!