Reminder: Upcoming Changes to Arbitration Privileges

As part of the Online Filing (OLF) upgrade to the Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) platform effective October 1, 2019, AF will be assigning privileges for TRS to all existing arbitration users at all member companies. If a user currently has the ability to file, respond, and/or hear cases in OLF, that user will be given the equivalent privileges to perform those actions in TRS.

For members that are already participating in TRS, all remaining active OLF filers and responders at your company will be given comparable access in TRS, effective October 1, 2019.

TPAs that file and/or respond on behalf of a member company in OLF will be given restricted access in TRS. Restricted access is defined as access only to cases that members specifically assigned to the TPA in TRS.

Affiliate companies that are peers and/or web-enabled to a member company in OLF will be given unrestricted access in TRS. Unrestricted access is defined as access to all cases in TRS.

For a complete list of TPAs and affiliate companies that can file and/or respond on behalf of your company today, please contact your AF security administrator.

If you have any questions regarding TRS privileges, please contact the Member Service Center at 866-977-3434 or email TRSSupport@arbfile.orgThe deadline to make changes to privileges for the TRS transition is August 1, 2019.