PIP and Med Pay Changes Coming to TRS

The ability to file PIP and Med Pay Arbitration in TRS is scheduled to go live December 14, 2020 (does not include NYPIP).

To help ensure a smooth adoption of these new coverages when they are released, we will share differences from the current Collision/OTC functionality as they are developed. A tutorial is now available on the TRS Resources page. 

Some changes should be obvious to users who filed or responded to Auto, PIP, and Med Pay arbitration in our legacy Online Filing (OLF) application

The first change users will see when deployed is a move of the Coverage Group selection to the Incident Details and My Party Information workflow step.

 Image of the Incident Details tab with an arrow pointing at Coverage Group

Next, you will see the Coverage Information PIP question pertaining to acceptance of Policy Limits includes acceptance of coverage level policy limits AND per-person policy limits. 

Image of the Coverage PIP tab highlighting Policy Limits
Next, you will see the Feature Information will pertain to the injured party, with the corresponding Damage Types Applicable to respective coverage (the below example is PIP).

Screenshot of the Feature tab
Screenshot of the company-paid damages tab

As an Adverse Party, you will have the ability to assert your limits as Per-Person/Per Incident or a Combined Single Limit: 

Screenshot of Coverage Response - PIP

That’s it! Again, it’s very similar to the differences seen when filing Auto, PIP, and Med Pay in our legacy OLF application.