Payment Received? Don't Forget to Withdraw the Case!

Did you know filers are required to withdraw cases from arbitration when a full settlement has been reached? Rule 2-7 states:

The filing company must immediately withdraw its filing online if the dispute is resolved, or immediately notify AF. Upon notification, AF will withdraw the case from arbitration.

Withdrawing prevents the needless hearing of cases when the parties have amicably resolved the dispute and helps reduce case cycle time by ensuring arbitrators are hearing only disputed claims.

The filing company can easily withdraw its filing online by selecting “Withdraw Feature” from the ellipsis found to the right of the case.

 Screenshot highlighting the menu with the Withdraw Feature option

It should be noted that AF cannot withdraw/close a filing based upon the responding company’s request. Only the filing company can withdraw its filing. If payment has been made in full to the filing company and the case is not withdrawn by the filing company, the responding company should submit a response and include cleared/cashed proof of payment to the filing company to support its case.

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