New in TRS - Updating the Personal Representative

As of December 11, 2022, members who have chosen to be represented by a personal representative at a hearing can now update and/or modify the representative name and other information from the Appearances section of the Case Overview page. This action can be performed at any time before the filing is in the “Ready to Hear” status. 

Screenshot of Case Overview
Users can select the “Manage Personal Reps” button and edit the chosen representative’s information using the “Edit Rep” icon under the Actions column as shown below. 
Screenshot of the Personal Rep options

Under “Edit Personal Rep,” users can modify the representative information or enter a different representative. The “Close” button can be used to exit the “Personal Rep” section, the “Back” button will take users to the previous “Manage Personal Rep” section, and the “Save” button will save the changes made to the personal representative information and display these changes on the Case Overview page.

Screenshot of Edit Personal Rep screen
This functionality will enable users to keep the personal representative information current before a case goes to hearing. The ability to update representative information will be particularly useful in cases that have been deferred or are being released from the deferred status.