Missed a Revisit to Accept Policy Limits? No Problem!

In TRS, revisits are an important part of the process. They are intended to prompt the filer to action when adverse parties raise policy limits, damage disputes, or jurisdictional exclusions. While action is not required, not doing so, could be detrimental to a filer’s case.

When filing new damages, filers are required to answer whether they will accept policy limits. If they answer, “I’m not sure,” a revisit is created. If no action is taken by the due date, the case will proceed to hearing and a decision will be made.
Screenshot of the policy limits question

If it was the filer’s intention to accept limits, they can do so after the decision has been published by following the steps below.

Once the decision has been published, select the Case ID number.
Image of the case ID number highlighted
From the Workflow steps, select Decisions.
Image of the Decisions option on the menu
Now, select Decision Actions, Accept Policy Limits. This eliminates the case from being heard again on this issue. 

In the TRS reports menu, we provide the “Revisits Pending” report that lists all the revisits waiting on responses with due date for a response. Users can access the TRS reports by selecting the TRS option from the Reports menu on the My Arbfile homepage.