Message from the President

With October 1 less than two short weeks away, we are in the final countdown to the full-scale launch of the first phase of our upgraded online filing platform, Total Recovery Solution (TRS). Many of you are already taking advantage of the benefits of TRS for your automobile subrogation arbitration program cases. Now, we are excited to transition all of our members into TRS for the Auto program.

It’s hard to believe that on November 15, 2010, AF unveiled electronic evidence submission. At the time, it was a significant step toward adapting online tools to make it more convenient for members to complete the filing process in a single, web-based platform. It eliminated many of the delays and expenses associated with printing, copying, mailing, and scanning, not to mention its positive environmental impact.

Today, TRS takes another step further. In TRS, evidence is attached at the same time the filing or response is prepared for submission and linked directly to a liability or damages argument. Not only does this reduce filing errors, it allows arbitrators to view the evidence in context and ensures they address evidence linked to specific arguments. That leads to improved decision quality – a top factor in member satisfaction.

And THAT is what it’s all about – your satisfaction. As a member-driven organization, our vision is to deliver innovative solutions that ensure exceptional member satisfaction.

Working closely with members through advisory groups, like Member Council and the Technology Advisory Group, TRS, both in this first phase and those yet to come, incorporates some of the most-requested member features to streamline the filing and responding experience, improve decision quality, and reduce cycle times.

We expect the average cycle time in TRS to be at least 30 days faster than the 68-day industry cycle time in Online Filing. TRS is designed to avoid unnecessary delays. Cases are ready to hear as soon as the response is filed, and arbitrators pull their own cases, ensuring the oldest cases are heard first. These faster cycle times translate to higher efficiency and lower cost for our members.

From evolving the evidence submission process to creating user-friendly arbitrator workflows, TRS has been built, and will continue to expand, to better serve your recovery and resolution needs. We anticipate PIP and Med Pay arbitration programs will transition to the upgraded platform in 2020, with all remaining arbitration programs upgraded to TRS by the end of 2021.

All of us at AF are excited about the future of this upgraded platform and the benefits it will bring to the membership. We hope you are as excited about continuing to innovate with us.