Message from the President

This year, we have all faced significant disruptions to our lives. With COVID-19, how we work and live has had to evolve in a very short period of time, and change isn’t always easy. In the midst of so much change, it’s important to be able to count on some things to stay the same. That’s why at AF we continue to focus on our mission to serve our members. You, our members, have always been at the heart of all we do –– our company wouldn’t exist without you. Before the pandemic began and throughout, AF’s business processes and systems supported remote work and ensured that we could continue to serve you, safely and effectively. Our passion for service has given us purpose, a compass as we navigate an uncertain world.

We continue to move forward with building and releasing enhancements in Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®), including the much-anticipated functionality that allows new PIP and Medical Payment coverages to be filed in TRS. We will also be updating the UI platform and providing visualizations that allow users to interact with charts and see trends, including how your activity compares to the industry. These enhancements are made possible by your valuable feedback, so please continue to let us know how we’re doing and what you would like to see in our products and services. 

We want to recognize the efforts of all of our member companies to achieve their 1:1 heard-to-filed (HTF) commitment to each other. As a result, the average cycle time in Online Filing (OLF) and Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) has been greatly reduced! We appreciate your diligence and commitment to each other. As you know, the timely resolution and recovery of arbitration cases relies on all of us working together. 
We are also excited about continuing to expand member adoption of our Settlement Exchange System® (SES®). SES eliminates the manual processes of payment processing that cost the insurance industry more than $30M each year, and like E-Subro Hub, SES is available to members at no cost. Some member companies have had to delay their implementations due to the coronavirus. Know that we will be here ready to assist when the time is right for you.