How-To Videos on Filing and Responding to Supplement Damages

For recovery purposes, it’s important to know how to file supplement damages once a TRS case is submitted. It is equally important to know the steps in disputing damages relating to those supplements as an adverse party. 

Image of Rule 5-3

Two new videos have been added to the TRS Resources page that provide a complete walk-through of the process from both a recovering party and adverse party perspective:
  • Filing a Supplement Case (2:32) (Published June 25, 2020)
  • Responding to a Supplement Filings (4:21) (Published June 25, 2020)
In less than 5 minutes, we’ll walk you through each workflow step and provide key information relating to supplement cases. Key information includes:
  • Liability is not in dispute.
  • The only dispute is damages.
  • Evidence attached to the initial filing’s Liability Arguments is automatically migrated to the supplemental filing.
  • New evidence can be attached.
  • Prior payments can be added as they relate to the supplemental damages.