How Many "Credits" Do I Receive for Hearing TRS Cases?

In TRS, the term “Feature” refers to a set of damages for a claim, such as auto damages. 

If a Recovering Party seeks recovery of auto damages, and the Adverse Party answers and defends its theory of liability and/or damages but does not file a counterclaim, there is one Feature on the case and the arbitrator receives one credit. If the Adverse Party files a counterclaim that details and supports its damages, the arbitrator receives two credits because there are two Features on that case. 

If the Adverse Party instead indicates that it has a counterclaim with a total loss pending, the case has potential for two Features. After the Adverse Party completes its salvage sale and has a final subrogation figure, if liability is decided in favor of the Adverse Party, the Adverse Party can then file its damages and a new arbitrator receives the case. That new arbitrator will get one credit for handling the Feature submitted as a counterclaim.
Screenshot of the feature window