Help AF Improve Decision Quality

Like our member companies, AF continuously reviews its processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. During these reviews, consideration must be given to work that detracts from value-added work, and what steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate unnecessary work. This is where our members can help us.

A significant number of inquiries are submitted after a case is heard and the decision is published wherein a party raises a policy limits defense and/or that additional exposures exist or have been paid. Most often, this is information that was available at the time the party submitted its response.

These post-decision inquiries should be rare; however, they comprise one of the highest volumes of inquiries we receive. Eliminating them will allow us to focus our efforts on pre-publication quality initiatives.

Responders – Always include the following when applicable: Policy Limit Amount, Additional Exposures, and Exposure Amounts (known or undetermined), and attach evidence to support these arguments. For assistance, please see our Additional Exposures job aid. 

Screenshot of the Coverage Response tab with arrows pointing to the Additional Exposures and Evidence sections

Screenshot of the Additional Exposures fields