Filing/Responding Workshop Webinar – April 2023

AF recently facilitated its latest workshop webinar for Filing and Responding parties on April 19 and 20. The purpose of these 30-minute workshops is to drive decision quality by:
  • Sharing information to improve filing and responding effectiveness.
  • Answering questions attendees have regarding filing and responding to cases.
Key takeaways from the April workshop are listed below.

Filing Party
  • Make clear and concise liability arguments; avoid repetitive arguments.
  • Do not include any damage argument or rebuttal in the liability arguments.
  • Always argue and support liability.
Responding Party
  • Raise additional exposures properly.
    • All exposures should be entered with the policy limit amount in the Coverage Response Workflow step.
    • Include only damages/exposures that are not being sought within the hearing.
    • Attach evidence to support:
      • Known damages that have been paid
      • Known damages that have not been paid
      • Known damages of an unknown value
  • Enter effective liability defenses.
    • Rule 4-1 does not apply if you have responded to the case.
    • Concede liability if you have no alternative theory of negligence.
    • Non-involvement defenses must be supported with evidence.
  • Arguing damage disputes.
    • Make your dispute clear, provide an explanation, and note the amount of the reduction.
    • Do not copy and paste cryptic lines from alternative estimates or audits.
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