Expand Your Arbitrator Experience – We Need You!

The ability to request a three-person panel and/or personal appearance in Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) was implemented in February 2019 and has quickly become a popular option among filers and responders. This functionality, along with increasing filing volume and the forthcoming Auto Forum upgrade from Online Filing (OLF) to TRS scheduled for October 1, will significantly increase the number of TRS-eligible cases and TRS usage. The need for member arbitrators has never been greater!

If you are an arbitrator interested in hearing cases as part of a three-person panel or involving a personal appearance, please advise your AF Arbitration Manager, so he or she can update your profile.

Some useful information:
  • Participation on a three-person panel provides a great learning and growth opportunity by allowing you to discuss a case with peer arbitrators from different companies across the country.
  • All three-person panels and personally represented cases are heard telephonically on a date/time acceptable by the arbitrators and/or appearing representative.
  • The volume of personal appearances in the Auto program has historically been nominal, and we do not foresee a change simply because the functionality exists. Most member companies do not see the need to have a representative take the time to appear before the arbitrator(s) when the case is supposed to “speak for itself.”
  • The duration of appearances is not long. Rule 3-7 provides that no oral arguments are allowed; a party may only clarify, at the arbitrator’s request, its arguments and/or evidence. If the arbitrator(s) has no questions, the call is ended.
  • A three-person panel may only be requested if the Total Company-Paid Damages are $7,500 or higher.
  • The duration of a three-person panel hearing will vary based on the complexity of the case, but the collaborative time needed will be limited because the arbitrators will thoroughly review the case prior to the call. The purpose of the hearing is to deliberate and reach a final decision.