Entering Prior Payments: What’s in it for the Recovering Party?

As a Recovering Party in arbitration, entering a prior payment when filing the case may not seem necessary. After all, won’t the Adverse Party enter and prove its prior payment, if applicable? 

When the Recovering Party acknowledges a prior cashed/cleared payment, TRS automatically calculates the payment into the award, resulting in an accurate representation of amounts owed based on negligence and damages proven. When the Recovering Party overlooks entering a prior cashed/cleared payment from the Adverse Party, this can result in the need to file a Post-Decision Inquiry, if the arbitrator overlooks entering the credit for the prior payment. 

To avoid potential delays in recovery via arbitration, and support prompt claim closures, always enter any prior cashed/cleared payments from the Adverse Party. To enter a prior cashed/cleared payment: 
  1. Navigate to the Feature Information Workflow Step.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Add Prior Payment
  4. Enter the Payment Amount.
  5. Attach supporting evidence that the payment was cashed/cleared the bank. 
Screenshot showing the steps to enter a prior payment