Enhancing Member Experience

Cycle time and decision quality go hand-in-hand as key drivers of our membership’s satisfaction with our arbitration services.

AF’s technology and processes assign cases to arbitrators that have the appropriate qualification and experience for the issues in dispute. AF has also implemented various quality assurance measures to ensure our membership receives clearly documented decisions that are procedurally compliant and efficiently handled. Some of the checkpoints include pre-publication reviews, post-decision member reviews, and internal audits. The objective of these efforts is to identify actionable insights and coaching opportunities that help improve member experience.

As our partners in quality, we rely on our member arbitrators’ support of our efforts. People inherently want to do the best job possible and they appreciate constructive feedback that ensures they get the job done right the first time.

While arbitrators have the ultimate authority to make the decisions, AF’s commitment to our membership is to make sure the decision is procedurally compliant and the rationale is clearly documented. When necessary, a submitted decision may be returned for clarification or correction. Similarly, a published decision may be returned to confirm if a clerical or jurisdictional error was made.

Collaborating with AF staff to promptly consider the issues raised will go a long way to enhance member experience.