Enhancements to the Deferment Process in TRS

On November 5, AF introduced the ability for members to submit supplements and additional features during a deferment when at least one submitted feature exists on a case. Members are able to submit these filings even in the absence of a liability decision. 

Filing a supplement and/or an additional feature while a case is deferred will trigger a notification to the parties on the case. Adverse parties are able to view the new supplement and/or feature on the Case Overview page while the case is deferred. This functionality is a precursor to a proposed functionality where members will be able to update the damages on the supplement or additional feature while a case is in deferred status. 

Once the deferment ends and a liability decision is in place, members will be able to submit the supplement and/or feature for the final time. Once submitted, the filings will proceed to be heard according to the current TRS workflow.