Effective Evidence Linking

Arbitration filers and responders are aware of the concept of linking evidence. This is where a party directs the arbitrator to specific evidence that supports an allegation. See the example below.
Screenshot of the Liability Arguments tab

The “Insert Evidence Attachment” option in Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) offers additional flexibility for a party to embed a link to an evidence item. Embedding the link will require the arbitrator to comment on that specific evidence item. Note: The arbitrator will always provide his or her decision justification, commenting on the evidence that was influential to his or her decision, even if the “Insert Evidence Attachment” option is not used. As such, the “Insert Evidence Attachment” functionality should be used as needed. For example, if arbitrators routinely comment on police reports or driver statements, you may not need to use the “Insert Evidence Attachment” for these evidence types.
Screenshot of the Liability Arguments tab with an evidence attachment highlighted