Deferment Job Aids Updated!

We’re excited to announce updates to our Deferments Job Aid found on the TRS Resources Page! 

The updates include a separation of each deferment process, making it easier for members to locate what is most relevant to their filing or responding needs.    

The deferment processes include the following: You will also notice a different format. Instead of the traditional Word format, each job aid was drafted in PowerPoint and converted to a PDF for advanced visuals and navigation. A Table of Contents page was added to include active hyperlinks allowing members to move through content without getting lost.

Image of the Table of Contents  
To return to the Table of Contents, navigate to the top left corner of the page. Clicking the 
Back to Table of Contents link takes you to the beginning where you can find additional topics and workflows.
Image of the Deferment Request Basic page

Active hyperlinks can also be seen throughout the documents to review other important information.