Decision Quality through Member Feedback

Two things are certain:
  • Decision quality is a key driver to member satisfaction and usage of AF’s arbitration programs.
  • Member feedback regarding the quality of decision is of utmost importance to AF and its membership.
An exciting design feature of TRS is its Member Decision Review functionality. Through this functionality, dedicated member reviewers provide their feedback on recent decisions. The feedback is specific to whether the decision was reasonable, as well as if it was clearly explained (what evidence was influential and why). Feedback is shared with arbitrators from each member company for training and coaching, as well as utilized to identify trends and shape future training of current and future member arbitrators. 

Why is the Member Decision Review process so important? The feedback received is objective and completely neutral.
  1. Member reviewers are not affiliated with the cases/decisions they review.
  2. The arbitrator’s name is omitted. The reviewer does not know if they are providing feedback on a decision rendered by an arbitrator from their company or another company.
In 2019, 17 member companies participated in the TRS Member Decision Review, with 26 member experts providing feedback on over 400 arbitration decisions. If one of your decisions as an arbitrator was reviewed, you will have received the specific feedback. Additionally, you will see this valuable feedback shape our training tools and communications as this review process continues to be refined with increasing member participation. 

Additionally, TRS allows for member self-reviews where member managers can now review decisions rendered by their own arbitrators. You are now able to recognize your arbitrators for the fine work they do rendering decisions on intercompany arbitrations and identify any training opportunities. 

Please contact your AF Field Arbitration Manager if your company is interested in participating in either the Member Decision Review or the self-review process. More to come in 2020...