Decision Quality? Members Say Yes!

Results from our Member Decision Review process continue to be strong, with close to 95% of decisions being reasonable and clearly explained.

Thirty member reviewers from twenty one companies participate in the quarterly review process and share feedback on recent decisions. The feedback is specific to whether the decision was reasonable and clearly explained (what evidence was influential and why).

The feedback is completely objective. The reviewer’s company is not a party to the case they review, and the arbitrator’s name is omitted; the decision reviewed could have been made by an arbitrator from their own company.

Results are shared with the participating companies (overall, as well as for its individual arbitrators who had a decision reviewed), and any improvement opportunities are shared with individual arbitrators.

Additionally, TRS allows for self-reviews where members review decisions by their own arbitrators to ensure their own quality.

If your company would like to participate in the quarterly decision review process, or is interested in the self-review, please contact Tim McKernan,