Counterclaims: A Revisit of Rule 2-2

Familiarizing yourself with the Arbitration Forums, Inc. Rules is not only important in regard to saving you valuable time when submitting cases, but also ensures you collect the right amount of money owed to your organization.

Let’s examine Rule 2-2. As an Adverse Party responding to a case, you are required to add your damages at the same time you enter your response to the Recovering Party’s case.
Simply enter “Yes” to the My Damages section to enter your counterclaim. 
Image of the My Damages tab

If you work for a company that outsources the handling of counterclaims (TPA’s, subrogation, or other departments), ensure the response section is completed first, and then select Exit Workflow
 Image of the exit workflow option

Do not submit the case, as you will not be permitted to go back and add the counterclaim later.  Instead, contact the TPA, or other department assigned to handle the counterclaim, and have them add the company damages. Once all aspects of the case are finished, select Submit