Coming Soon to TRS!

Concurrent Coverage/Priority of Payments
AF is excited to announce that members will soon be able to file Concurrent Coverage/Priority of Payments recovery cases in TRS. This is part of our continued effort to enhance TRS and deliver maximum value to our members. By filing in TRS, members will be able to leverage the user-friendly and intuitive user interface and reduced cycle times. 

Policy Limits Enhancements
AF will soon be delivering enhancements to the Policy Limits functionality in TRS! Our members will be able to distinguish exposures outside of a case based on whether they are ‘Paid’ or ‘Unpaid’ exposures. This will give users the ability to clearly specify the nature of their exposures and provide accurate information for the hearing process. This functionality will enable the arbitrator to provide clear and well-reasoned decisions when the case goes to hearing. 

Screenshot of the Additional Exposures section