Begin Your Transition to TRS® Today!

As you know, AF’s Online Filing (OLF) technology for all arbitration programs is being upgraded to the Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) technology platform. The TRS platform is currently available for automobile subrogation arbitration program claims only (cases filed in our Auto program), and it will become the exclusive platform for all automobile subrogation claims by October 1, 2019.

Members who file in TRS today must initiate their cases in E-Subro Hub. Beginning April 29, 2019, members will have the option to file directly from TRS without pushing demands from E-Subro Hub.

Don’t wait until later this year to begin taking advantage of the benefits of TRS. Onboarding is simple. 

Upcoming Enhancements

AF will be implementing the following enhancements to the TRS technology platform on February 17, 2019:
  • Eliminate dollar threshold – AF will eliminate the current dollar threshold in TRS to enable members to file features up to the compulsory limit of $100,000.
  • Three-person panel and personal appearance requests – This will allow TRS users to request a panel of three (Rule 3-3) or to personally appear via a telephonic hearing (Rule 3-7).
  • Corresponding reports – Current reports will be enhanced and/or new reports created to support the expanded functionality of this release.
Our members have asked if AF is considering changes to extensions and revisits. Yes, we are. Extensions and revisits are one of many topics we will continue to work with the membership and our Board of Directors to evaluate throughout 2019. We anticipate completing the evaluation with our members and Board to determine the best solution for extensions and revisits at the beginning of Q4 2019. These changes, and others, will be based on the needs of the membership as a whole and the long-term benefits our members expect from the TRS technology platform.