Avoid These TRS Entry Errors

1. Prior Payments must be entered where provided (Add Payment on the Feature Response page). Credit will not be given for payments noted anywhere else. (Proof that payment cleared is also needed.)
Image of the Payments screen
2. Policy Limits – Add Exposure: Users should only add exposures not included in the specific arbitration filing. Do not enter the filing company’s claim amount if a prior payment was made. The prior payment must be entered as noted above.
Image of the Add Exposure option
3. Disputing Damages: Unless the appropriate damages type is selected, your damage dispute may not be considered. For example, if you are disputing the filing company’s Fees, you must select this damage type. If you select Tax Amount in error, the arbitrator will not consider the damage dispute.
Image of the Recovery Sought screen
4. Include all parties involved in the loss in the filing, not just the party from which recovery is sought. This allows all recoveries to be addressed, if applicable, and eliminates filing issues later on.