Arbitrators Needed: OLF Case Inventory

While no new Auto cases are being added to Online Filing (OLF), there remains a pending inventory of cases. These cases require additional arbitrator attention, and along with the increased volume in TRS, the demand for arbitrators has never been greater!

One of the greatest benefits of TRS is the potential for reduced cycle time. However, in order for shorter times to be achieved, arbitrators must maintain a 1:1 filed-to-heard ratio on cases.

The revisions to the AF Agreements (effective March 1, 2020) address this requirement with the addition of Article Sixth – Arbitrator Participation, which states:
  • Signatory companies agree to provide qualified arbitrators from among full-time employees, and hear as many cases as they file.
We ask that every member commit with other member companies regarding the new Agreement by allocating resources to maintain the 1:1 ratio for TRS cases, while aiming to reduce the OLF inventory.