Arbitrator Workshop Webinars

As previously announced, AF will facilitate bi-monthly arbitrator workshop webinars. In these 30-minute sessions, we will cover the following:
  1. Recent decision quality trends and drivers
  2. Answer questions you may have on hearing cases
Our May workshop’s topic was “Word vs. Word” decisions. A review of recent decisions found that many were appropriate (approx. 60%), while others may have had sufficient evidence to determine liability. A few examples were shared.

Key takeaways include the following:
  • Preponderance of Evidence: A party must only prove that the argument is more likely than not to be correct; not beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Prima Facie Case: A party has provided enough evidence to justify a decision in its favor absent a supported rebuttal from the opposing party.
  • When hearing cases:
    • Take appropriate time to review the evidence, read the arguments, and “find the truth”
    • Remember that Contentions + Evidence = Fact
    • Incorporate case-specific comments in your decision
Future workshops are scheduled in July, September, and November. Visit our Training page to enroll.