Another Quality Year

Providing arbitration services that efficiently and effectively meet our membership’s recovery and resolution needs is critical to Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF)’s success, and we greatly appreciate the commitment of our member companies and arbitrators. Their partnership allows us to achieve this goal.

In 2019, 816,873 disputes were resolved. That’s an amazing number, and filing volume continues to grow.

We also implemented a Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) Member Decision Review process to gather feedback on decision quality. Through this process, member representatives review a random sample of recent decisions. The arbitrator’s name is redacted to ensure objectivity since the arbitrator could be from the same company as the reviewer.

The feedback received from last year’s reviews was overwhelmingly positive. Over 90 percent of the decisions reviewed were deemed reasonable and clearly explained. These results give us confidence that arbitrators are providing quality decisions.

Quarterly reviews are scheduled in 2020.

More Quality News

Decision quality also means error-free decisions, and last year was a great year for that too. Thank you, again, to the arbitrators!

For TRS, approximately 5,300 post-decision inquiries were received. Of those reviewed, 50 percent were deemed to be final and binding; no correctible clerical or jurisdictional error was made by the arbitrator. Only 1,571 of the decisions were amended to correct an error. This represents less than one percent of the 236,759 TRS feature filings heard in 2019.

Before you submit a post-decision inquiry, please make sure a correctible error was made by the arbitrator. Submitting a post-decision inquiry due to decision disagreement delays our ability to amend correctible errors and expedite resolution of disputes. We thank you for your continued efforts in providing quality decisions.