A Year in Review – What We’ve Delivered in 2022

As a member-driven organization, AF is committed to delivering value and continuously improving of members’ experience. This year, we have continued to align our platforms’ user interface, matured our security processes, continued to populate our enterprise data warehouse, and migrate functionality to our TRS applications. Feedback from our surveys and from our new closed-loop release process provided valuable input to allow AF to rapidly make changes to serve our members.  

E-Subro Hub – This year, AF introduced a modernized user interface to E-Subro Hub to unify it with Total Recovery Solution (TRS). These changes to core business processes with intuitive user interfaces will drive member efficiencies while using the application and expedite learning for new member employees. The changes, supported by new training courses and an enhanced release process, will help ensure that AF changes are able to be adopted by our members efficiently.  

Major areas enhanced included: Unified search across E-Subro Hub and TRS, Demand Overview, Manage Demand, Worklist, and Negotiate and Assign. 

Total Recovery Solution – AF continued to release features that improved the performance and functionality for Recovering and Responding parties. A major step on our journey to move all arbitrations from Online Filing (OLF) to TRS was the release of New York PIP in TRS. The improved workflow of NY PIP transactions and intuitive user interface will reduce cycle time, allowing member employees familiar with TRS to easily perform these transactions.  

Based upon member feedback, we have enhanced the Case Overview to include a Deferment History section that displays all deferment activity in one place. As we look forward to 2023 and finishing the migration of OLF functionality to TRS, we anticipate continuing to actively work with our membership to improve cycle time, decision quality, and member employee onboarding to the applications. 

AF Data Analytics and Insights – On December 8, our AF Data Analytics team released TRS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in our new Data Analytics platform. We will be working with our members to understand how to utilize these KPIs to measure and improve the membership’s recovering and responding performance. The KPIs include imbedded definitions in the user interface for ease of use and a robust training video to teach members how to select the criteria for pulling data for the KPIs. Please reach out to your AF Relationship Manager if you have questions or would like to dig deeper into your KPIs. 

AF Standard Data Feeds – In October, AF released our Standard Data Feeds allowing members to receive AF data on a daily basis to enrich their insight and improve decision making. This feature is being piloted with several members and will be moving to general release in 2023. Please reach out to Sue Bartlett at sbartlet@arbfile.org or your Field Arbitration Manager if you would like to understand more about this offering.  
AF Damage Dispute Insights – In October, AF released Damage Dispute Insights, which focuses on the data science evaluation of what factors impact successful recovery. AF believes that these insights, along with the already available Damage Dispute Analytics, provide information to evaluate how you can improve your recovering and responding performance related to damage disputes. Additional insights related to damage disputes that were requested by members are on the product roadmap for the AF Data Analytics team.  

Website Redesign – A common theme across all our applications is unifying the user interfaces and member experience. In July, AF delivered our redesigned website as a major step on the path towards organizing how our members access AF systems and services. The end goal of the journey is to align all processes and services into the AF website, providing easier and more intuitive paths to find the training, process support, applications, and data analytics to support our members. This journey will continue in 2023 as we continue to seek member feedback to take steps towards an integrated member experience.