A Call for Arbitrators

Additional arbitrator attention is needed to address the pending inventory of Online Filing cases. Along with the increased volume in TRS, the demand for arbitrators has never been greater!

One of the greatest benefits of TRS is the potential for reduced cycle time. However, the 1:1 heard-to-filed ratio for cases must be maintained for shorter cycle times to be achieved. That’s why the industry needs you.

Arbitrators’ contribution to the insurance industry results in:
  • Reducing case turnaround time
  • Reducing disputed claim-handling costs
Arbitrators become the in-house arbitration experts for their companies by:
  • Learning good and bad or alternative ways to prepare a file for arbitration
  • Becoming more familiar with AF’s rules and regulations
  • Participating in focus groups on local issues
  • Sharing knowledge gained with others in the office
If you are interested in becoming an arbitrator, check out the eligibility criteria to get started.