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Subrogation recovery is increasingly vital to a company's bottom line. Maximizing recovery requires efficiency and cost containment, which are best achieved when the industry has a common standard for sending and receiving subrogation demands. E-Subro Hub is that standard.


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Director of Corporate Compliance and Legal


The primary purpose of this position is to plan, organize, direct, develop, and lead programs to achieve AF's short-range and long-range objectives for the following departments: Legal, Corporate Compliance, and Procurement. This position works with the CEO and senior leaders to evaluate and develop company strategies to achieve the organization’s mission.

This includes responsibilities for: department operations, developing and expediting security and compliance programs, legal triage, efficiency improvement projects, workflow guidelines and procedures, staffing development, and expense management.  

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Primary Job Functions

Legal Management
Overall responsibility for triaging legal risks across the organization, quickly identifying short and long-term tactics and strategies to mitigate risk, and presenting these plans to the CEO.

This also includes responsibility for protection of all of AF’s intellectual capital, including but not limited to, patents (domestic and foreign), logos, trademarks, product names with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, copyrighted materials with the Library of Congress, contracts affecting AF’s intellectual capital and licensing agreements with users (EULA or click-wrap) and members (MSA and other agreements). Responsibility for protection of AF against legal risks associated with data protection laws, data security laws and coordination of legal response to disputes/claims/legal actions/regulatory actions involving data privacy and security. Data protection responsibilities include mitigating legal risks associated with the exchange of data with members and vendors, security audits of the company and incident response. Acts as monitor and revision authority for AF’s Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, corporate governance and legal compliance, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, membership agreements, and corporate contracts. Coordinates mitigation of legal risks associated with changes to forum agreements and AF’s Rules (in coordination with the Quality, Training & Forum Rules Manager). Responsible for mitigating legal risks associated with procurement and corporate compliance. Also responsible for oversight of disputes/suits/legal actions involving AF (excluding Human Resource matters) as well as legal research, discovery, and due diligence. Responsible for corporate policy administration including the annual review process for all corporate policies as well as communications and education to ensure employees understand and adhere to AF policies. 

Corporate Compliance
Plans, develops, and directs programs and practices to ensure that AF is in compliance with regulatory requirements, AF corporate policies, member contracts, member security questionnaires, and others. These programs and practices independently validate, through audits and other processes, on an ongoing basis that AF meets all commitments in a way that is consistent with legal requirements and its corporate values. Tracks and researches national and state laws/regulations and member company security requirements and/or requests that might affect the organization's policies or practices and implements necessary changes. Also directs AF’s annual Service Organization Control (SOC) Audit. Also provides strategic direction for compliance-related communications and education to ensure employees understand and adhere to AF policies. 

Procurement Management
Directs development and execution of procurement processes to ensure the function meets the needs of the organization. Directs initiatives to ensure third-party vendors meet business and legal requirements as well as proactively protect AF’s members and reputation.  
Accountable for the development and execution of procurement and vendor management policies and processes to ensure the commercial relationships between AF and its third-party vendors meet business requirements. Reviews procurement requests and contractual documentation to ensure clarity, accuracy, and conformance with internal requirements, terms, conditions, and other relevant provisions. This includes overseeing that appropriate due diligence, monitoring, and risk rating on third-party vendors is completed and remains timely. 

Oversite of vendor management and purchase approval processes including due diligence, setting standards and managing third-party risk, and purchase requisition review and approval to ensure procurement achieves internal transparency and accountability in vendor engagements. Works to resolve conflicts in vendor performance when issues arise.

Strategic Planning 
Sponsors and guides AF’s annual strategic planning initiative. Maintains oversight of processes and timelines to revise and finalize corporate strategy documents, including but not limited to, updating industry analysis and external research, annual SWOT analysis, Strategy Framework, Five-Year Road Map, and organizational goals. Facilitates Board feedback on SWOT as part of the process and leads sr. team thought leadership to connect external outlook to future strategy. Leverages PMO to ensure all areas of leadership are engaged in the process. Ensures all is completed and prepared to present at AF’s fall Board meeting.

Key Competencies

  • Broad understanding of legal concepts and processes related to risk assessment, intellectual property protection, and litigation.
  • Strong understanding of P&C Claims industry.
  • Strong knowledge of budgeting and fiscal management.

Qualifications and Experience

  • MBA, master’s level degree in applicable field or industry-equivalent experience. 
  • Legal experience including contract administration, outside counsel supervision, dispute resolution, and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filings.
  • Supervision of a corporate compliance and procurement departments. 
  • Highly-developed leadership skills. Experience and comfort using collaborative video technology to connect and communicate with employees and members.

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