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Subrogation recovery is increasingly vital to a company's bottom line. Maximizing recovery requires efficiency and cost containment, which are best achieved when the industry has a common standard for sending and receiving subrogation demands. E-Subro Hub is that standard.


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Contract Arbitrator


The primary function of the arbitrator position is to render prompt and fair decisions on automobile subrogation disputes regarding liability, damages, and/or coverage between insurers and/or self-insured entities, while consistently demonstrating objectivity and neutrality. Arbitrators must carefully evaluate contentions and evidence to determine accurate award amounts, rule on affirmative defenses/pleadings, and consistently provide rationale in decisions that address the issues of each party. The arbitrator position would also need to resolve damage disputes that may include, but not limited to: total loss vs. repair, new vs. LKQ parts, rental, storage, and towing. This position supports AF’s corporate mission by effectively and efficiently resolving intercompany subrogation disputes.

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Primary Job Functions

  • Render prompt and fair decisions on liability, damages, and/or coverage disputes between insurers and/or self-insured entities
  • Consistently demonstrate objectivity and neutrality
  • Accurately determine award amounts; write accurate, concise, and informative decisions
  • Consistently provide rationale in the decision that addresses the issues of each party 

Key Competencies

  • Demonstrated problem-solving, analytical, and evaluation skills
  • Ability to work with minimal direction
  • Excellent organizational, written, and verbal skills
  • Basic computer skills including Microsoft Office

Qualifications and Experience

  • Three or more years of recent auto liability claims adjusting, negotiation, and settlement experience
This is a work from home opportunity. Minimum computer and internet specifications that are required include:
  • Windows 7 or later, Apple macOS 10.9+
  • Browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Safari, or Firefox
  • Minimum bandwidth should be 20-25 Mbps download and 10 Mbps Upload
The position is a contract position that may or may not lead to future employment with Arbitration Forums, Inc. It is expected that the temporary arbitrator position will be utilized through December 2020. Employment and payroll services will be provided by Johnson Services Group, a temporary service employment agency. The number of hours worked each day/week will be at the discretion of the contractor. Contract Arbitrators will be paid an hourly rate of $30.00 per hour worked.


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