Enhancements Coming to TRS in February

Image of a hand with a ribbon wrapped around a fingerAs a reminder, AF will be implementing enhancements to the TRS® technology platform on February 17, 2019. These improvements will expand TRS filing usage and increase system functionality:
  1. Eliminate dollar threshold – AF will eliminate the current dollar threshold in TRS® to enable members to file features up to the compulsory limit of $100,000.
  2. Three-person panel and personal appearance requests – This will allow TRS® users to request a panel of three (Rule 3-3) or to personally appear via a telephonic hearing (Rule 3-7).
  3. Corresponding reports – Current reports will be enhanced and/or new reports created to support the expanded functionality of this release.
Contact our member support team for more information.

Article published in: January 2019 E-Bulletin for TRS