February 2019 E-Bulletin for TRS

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. New Arbitrator Resource Available
  2. You Spoke and We Listened!
  3. Welcome New TRS Members!
  4. Reminder: Direct Filing Coming to TRS in April

New Arbitrator Resource Available

Image of a woman holding a lit lightbulb next to a laptopMany arbitrators like to sit on a three-person panel to hear the perspective of peer arbitrators with diverse backgrounds and experience.

All panel-of-three hearings are conducted via an audio conference call wherein the arbitrators discuss the arguments and evidence, and, ultimately, what their decision will be.

A new resource is available that reviews the hearing process as well as the hearing workflow, starting with the initial decision entry by the designated primary arbitrator through the approval by the secondary arbitrators.

Visit the Total Recovery Solutions® (TRS®) Resources web page and view the “Hearing a Panel of Three Case in TRS” video, or any of the other informational resources.
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You Spoke and We Listened!

Image of a hand cupped around an earTotal Recovery Solutions® (TRS®) Update

Your feedback is important to us. Currently, when a user selects a feature to submit in the filing but returns to previous steps in the workflow to review and/or update something, the selection is removed and must be added again. Based on member feedback, we’ve structured our most recent TRS update to maintain the user’s selection even when backwards navigation occurs.

Screenshot of the option to include in filing

Your continued feedback helps us to improve the platform and provide you with the best and most efficient service.
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Welcome New TRS Members!

Image of a note pinned to a corkboard that reads welcome aboardAF would like to welcome Georgia Farm Bureau, which became active in TRS on February 6. A list of other participating companies is available on AF's website.

The following members have also set tentative dates to become active in TRS.

April 1 Meemic insurance
April 1 Progressive
April 29 Farmers Alliance Insurance
April 29 Kentucky National
May 1 Permanent General
May 7 American Family



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Reminder: Direct Filing Coming to TRS in April

Image of letters spelling april hanging on a red backgroundCurrently, members that file in the TRS® technology platform must initiate their cases in E-Subro Hub®. Beginning April 29, 2019, members will have the option to file directly from TRS without pushing demands from E-Subro Hub.
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